For over 40 years, Toyo has lead the Australian tyre industry in technology. The brand stands for innovation, quality and performance. With tyres to suit nearly every car, there is a Toyo tyre that will improve the way your car drives, handles and feels.

We aim to inspire the confidence that can drive the challengers. The kids who practice while the others play, the parents who recognise that passion, and the players who put in the work to put it all on the line. No matter what you are driven to do, or how you intend to get there, we are there with you.


As challengers we work harder. We are always hungry, always moving and unable to compromise. We find limits and push them to extract every tiny improvement. While others rest we are researching, testing and developing. With our eyes narrowed and hearts racing we chase an edge. Our momentum is ceaseless.

We are Toyo. All or nothing.